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To the right, you can see a live example of Facebook Connect in action. Every time the Facebook wall for that page is updated, it shows up in the Facebook Connect window on your site.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin and other social media are a great way to see and be seen, meet new contacts and spread your brand all over the world very quickly.

Before so many people started using Twitter and Facebook all the time, most businesses or organizations sent out a mass email to tell everyone about events, special offers and news.

Now it’s easier and faster to simply post your announcement where everyone who follows you can see it, and if they like it, they can quickly share it with everyone they know, and so on.  This also works well with cute cat videos. Same idea.  If people see something on a social networking site that they think is interesting, they’ll share it, and it could be seen by potentially millions of people in just a day.

Polyflavor can artfully integrate your social media and networks into your web site, online store or blog, making it easy for you to share your news and simple for people to follow and connect with you.